Erotic Art

Lisa Lefou

Lisa Lefou's "Little Women"

"Hello! It's just me! Candice! That's right, the pink pigtailed sexy little reviewer that just can't wait to show you around every artists page! And why? Because I love it! Every breath, gasp and toe curling moment is yours for the taking! Here we go, are you ready? Are you holding onto something? Oh! That's my bottom! Well, I suppose that's something to hold onto. Ready? Let's flicker through the pages of Lisa LeFou!"

"I really love this name, can you imagine? Candice LeFou! Doesn't it pop? Well this artist sure pops! I mean, pops your eyes to every spread eagled lovely creation she brings to the table, that's for sure! I was super impressed and slightly afraid. I mean, bondage is just so wonderful at times, but try being blind folded? You just never know what's going to happen next! There's excitement in here with every 3D picture that the artist portrays so well! So many positions and so little time, but if you come with me now to delve into the very erotic and sexual poses, you won't be missing a thing! Let's go! I can hardly wait to show you around!"


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